Miscellaneous Monday


Have you given yourself the treat of a Miscellaneous Monday? Miscellaneous Mondays are those Mondays where you take a good hard look around you, assess the situation, as we call it, and begin to tackle what's in front of you.

Over the last 3 weeks everyone in our household has had a cold. Mine, though two weeks old, is still lingering. The wonderful grace we've experienced is being able to teach through our colds. Rather than allowing circumstances to sideline us, wouldn't Jesus prefer to teach us through the circumstances of every day life? In the teaching however, other things have been put on hold. With my body still at about 75% I feel a great need to attend this house we call our home, the nest my piloting husband will be returning to this evening.

So what IS happening? The beautiful "decor of the season when we choose to focus more intentionally on our Lord's birth" will be returned to its temporary holding place: the red and green tubs. Thank you Bethany and Daniel. Today I see your great teamwork, negotiating skills, and different organizational methods. Laundry from the children's trip to the free flowing, rain-induced river behind our home is finally tossed in the washer. (Since we live in the desert, enjoying a temporary river takes priority over quite a few things!) A loft with legos everywhere is being cleaned and organized. And I'm occupied with joyful documentation of our progress.

Today, this homeschooling mother is calling on the grace of our Lord and Saviour to relinquish the schedule, pray for continued healing, and attack what He has put before us this very special day we'll call, Miscellaneous Monday.

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I think it sounds like a wonderful plan! I too finally got our laundry done from the other day's "river" in your back yard:)

Good job, Elizabeth! Hug those kiddos for us.

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