Homeschool Launch File Sharing



I've added a homeschooling helps link on my sidebar. This is a free file sharing network for all homeschoolers. Creative homeschooling moms have agreed to upload some of the things they've created to help the homeschooler in you. What an awesome idea. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE PRICE: FREE!!!

For example, The Voyage of the Dawn Treaders has recently been released as another movie in The Chronicles of Narnia series. You can link up to the Homeschool Launch page, and print out several free pages that will help your younger ones enjoy the book/movie also with printable coloring & manuscript pages for copying. Some families print out the pages and occupy the younger ones with these engaging sheets while they read to the olders. Truly, there's something for everyone!

When you go to the HS Launch website, you'll discover that they have hundreds of pages for your use on every subject under the homeschooling umbrella, (including organizational pages.) I hope you'll take a few minutes and browse, browse, browse. Then, save it as a favorites!

While I'm not permitted to link you directly to that particular page on Voyage of the Dawn Treaders, I can give you this link to Homeschool Launch. It's as simple as setting up a free account, and you're good to go! Hope this helps!

Subscription Special for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine



What more can I say than I believe this to be the BEST homeschooling magazine out there. In my house, it's read by both my husband and myself, cover to cover, more than once. Plus, I keep them all. To read again, of course! This would make a great gift for this time of year, or any time, but with their $7.95/year special they're running right now, I'd jump on it.

It is a Bibilically-based periodical that will keep the homeschooling fires burning, and maybe start a few new ones in your own circle of friends.

Preview the link, or go to their website to request a sample issue.


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