The project for the day: Self-Government. Beautiful Feet History does a wonderful job of introducing the concept of Self-Government. Self-Government is, in a word, the same as self- discipline or self-directed.

I have a load of errands that must be run today, Danny is home with the children for the day, so I made a list on the school board of about 7 areas they can do work in using self-government. When they're done, their time is free! On the list is:

Science Reader
History Reader
Quickie Math
Read Aloud: They each read aloud to each other for 10 minutes, a story the "read-ee" chooses.
Also-afternoon chores and lunch are on the list.

I made the list in the middle of the board, and they will check off their side of each subject (I have two, so that worked!)

They enjoy these times of independence, and I am amazed at how much they can do on their own. At the time of this posting, all is quiet in the school room as the children are excercising self-government.

December on the Run!


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Our homeschooling month so far has been very relaxed-not the activity level, just the school work actually being accomplished. Up though last week we were busy getting ready for a homeschool Christmas play involving about 40 children and almost as many families. It went so well.

This week the two big events have been my husband's birthday, having friends over for dinner that night, and preparing for another Christmas play at our church, as well as preparing for a wedding I'm leading worship for this weekend. Shopping? When does that enter in to the picture?

My question to myself is, is it possible to still begin something like Christmas around the World? How about Christmas Around the Mall? No. It just doesn't have the same ring to it. Seriously, I want to go through Christmas and have it be a wonderful and memorable time for our children.

So, if by chance there is a reader of Field Notes out there (and that is no plea for anything other than this....), please pray for me that the Lord will help me to divide and conquer: divide the necessary from the unnecessary, the wasted time from the productive time, and let God's plan for our December be revealed. Honestly, I don't feel like I've prepared much room for Him. Scoot over calendar, scoot over responsibilites and take your position behind the one who left Glory to inhabit my spirit.

Whether You Like Weather or Not



If you're interested in weather, or if you live in Phoenix and you just want to check out the local trends, then head on over to Pepper Ridge Weather Station web page. There's so much to learn. For example if you want to learn almost all there is to know about clouds you'll want to look into Weather Education link. This chart is one of the first ones you'll see. Below the chart are excellent photos which are quite descript in explaining different types of clouds.

Personally, I love weather, maps of all kinds, charts, graphs. This site even has dials showing wind direction and speed. Very cool, and especially helpful for us locals in Phoenix. Not only does Pepper Ridge Weather Page give detailed explanation on all matters of local weather, there is also a weather glossary under the Weather Ed. link. Check it out. Anyone around the country would benefit from a visit to their site.

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