Whether You Like Weather or Not


If you're interested in weather, or if you live in Phoenix and you just want to check out the local trends, then head on over to Pepper Ridge Weather Station web page. There's so much to learn. For example if you want to learn almost all there is to know about clouds you'll want to look into Weather Education link. This chart is one of the first ones you'll see. Below the chart are excellent photos which are quite descript in explaining different types of clouds.

Personally, I love weather, maps of all kinds, charts, graphs. This site even has dials showing wind direction and speed. Very cool, and especially helpful for us locals in Phoenix. Not only does Pepper Ridge Weather Page give detailed explanation on all matters of local weather, there is also a weather glossary under the Weather Ed. link. Check it out. Anyone around the country would benefit from a visit to their site.

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My son is a huge weather buff.

This one is a neat link to me. Even if you didn't need to know Phoenix weather it is still educational. There may be smething similar in your area. : ) Good to have to swinging by Field Notes from time to time.

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