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I can't recommend highly enough the Your Story Hour series of CDs. Two years ago, we purchased a volume of CDs on the Heritage of Our Country as a recommended resource to Beautiful Feet's Early American History curriculum. What a find these CD's have been. We have listened over and over to the fascinating details of men and women who have made their mark on American History. Each story is introduced by the voices of Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue. After the last two years we feel as though we're family; our very own Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue.

One of our favorite stories has been the story of Thomas Alva Edison. For the last twenty or so minutes I have been listening to my 10-year old daughter, Bethany, recite word for word, accent by accent, the story of Thomas Edison. What a pleasure it has been. I knew I had to share this resource with you.

After I located their website (which I have yet to fully scour!) I learned there are Activity Books to accompany each volume, with approximately four pages on each lesson. Additionally, these stories can be purchased and downloaded as an MP3 by volume or by individual story.  (Click here for a free audio podcast.) If you happen to have an Auditory learner as I have then you will want to purchase one or more of these volumes for listening and learning.  Our volume has been to California, Montana, and Georgia as we have travelled for vacations and family outings, and we each have our favorite story. While you may purchase your volumes with a particular individual in mind, you'll find it to be a gift to your entire family.

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