Boston Tea Party


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We're enjoying a leisurly stroll through the remaining portion of our history curriculum from Beautiful Feet Books, Early American History. We just completed the life of Benjamin Franklin and events such as the Stamp Act and the Boston Tea Party. I decided we needed to change things around just a bit, and stage a re-enactment. King George III was hot under the collar when he discovered how many crates of tea were dumped into the harbor to the tune of what I am told would be 1 million dollars worth of tea at today's value. I think he had other plans for the tea and especially the dough that would come from selling the tea.

Now, if you were from Boston, the word party would sound like.... what I think this picture looks like!
Go ahead and guess.You guessed the word _ _ _ _ _ ( Please fill in the blank. Remember, this is SCHOOL!) You're right! Daniel looks like he's having a good time - at the party!

Yes, we had a Boston Tea Party. The best part was setting it up. The kids gathered their favorite animals and people and we placed them around the tub. We forgot to dress up like Indians, but we did rip open some gallon tea bags to toss in the tub.

May I go ahead and confess they both were permitted to drink tea out of the bathtub? I know, "Yulk!" My thoughts exactly. Trust me, I discouraged it, but their persistance paid off. Honestly, they had a blast and I did too.



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If anyone is reading this, you may pray for me, teacher Mom in choosing a math curriculum. There are reasons we're not using some, and the reasons seem to be varied making it difficult to choose what we should use. I think I'll be making a trip to the Resource Center on Wednesday to do some parousing!

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