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"Lord, help me to focus on what you've called me to do as a homeschooling mother: homeschool!"

It's been interesting for me to observe today how easily distracted I am. If I were making a trip to San Diego from Phoenix and stopped at every rest stop, ate at several restaurants, went on shopping excursions here and there, stopped and took a nap, read a book, etc., the journey would take many times longer than necessary. Simply put, if I traveled like I sometimes teach, I wouldn't see much at all. I certainly wouldn't get very far.

How many times do you stop when you could easily press on, and probably do a better job while you're at it? In homeschooling we can be our own worst enemy when we give place to the many distractions that may arise any given day: the computer for one. My disclaimer today: I am done teaching Bethany and part-way done with Daniel. He is doing his Calculadder, so I guess you could say I am taking a break. I am rewarding myself with a little bit of computer time, and honestly, I am enjoying it because I know it was earned.

The joy that comes when we're doing what we know we're supposed to be doing is so much better than taking bites of the dessert before we've even had the main course. It's not that finishing is the only thing that matters. We all know an occasional side trip can do wonders for our day, but finishing counts for a great deal. Don't let the enemy have your day. Your hours belong to the Lord, and I encourage you along with myself to give God your very best. Go for it. It's doable. There's a sense of accomplishment and Godly joy that awaits!

My Latest Find!



Check out this homeschooling toolbar gadget. It's free from The Curriculum Choice. I have it installed on our downstairs computer, and I love it. Plenty of good reading, printables, curriculum suggestions, and of course the ability to look up a word on Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary. It's very easy to install, and nothing showed up missing on my exisitng toolbar with Google. Enjoy!

What's YOUR Big Idea?



One of my functions as the Ministry Coordinator for our Homeschooling Group is to encourage homeschooling Moms in their life journey as wives, Moms & Educators. Enter: Big Idea! Now 3 years running several of us will bring a helpful idea or hint on life or homeschooling! This year we even had someone bring their spray bottle of Downey Wrinkle Release as one of their big ideas for making life easier. Well, I don't know how to attach documents or thumbnails yet, so here is our printout from today's Big Idea 2010. I hope you'll find some interesting things to check out!

J.O.Y. “BIG IDEA” DAY, February 19, 2010


Uses a silverware caddy for organizing colored pencils and markers, etc. in her schoolroom.

Favorite Colored Pencil: Crayola’s Hexagon Shaped colored pencil. Purchased at Fry’s Grocery Store Very heavy-duty, nice colors, and easy to grip.

Recipe Binder: Design your own cover & save your favorite recipes in a Binder. When I try a recipe I like I copy or print it, and put it in a page protector. These will be our favorite family recipes that I can pass on to our children.

Dover Coloring Books: An educational coloring book covering many topics such as The Story of the Wright Brothers, Lewis and Clark Expedition,. Etc. These have historical facts, latin word origins & the like to make this a fun part of learning for all ages. (See also “A Learning Experience” coloring books formatted the same way.) Very educational, and not just for preschoolers by ANY means! (A Learning Experience coloring books are found here, or go to homepage at

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine- One of many great homeschooling magazines to encourage homeschoolers. This one comes out 4X per year, and is awesome!

The Plan Book With Pizazz by I purchased this at the Teaching Store 51st Ave & Bell. Using it for 4 years running, now! : ) Currently almost half-price at

Prayer Guide on Praying for your Children each day of the week (Available on the Park Day Table.)

Helpful Forms: Learning Style Test, Student Self Assessment, Field Trip Form, Month of Meals Form (by organized, Priorities Inventory, PE Form, Literature Outline Page (to fill out during or after you’ve read a book), Will bring these to park again. Please write on back of form if you’d like a copy. (For more favorite forms see Kathy’s Favorite Homeschooling Helps Websites!)

Kathy’s Favorite Homeschooling Websites: & Cindy Downes Oklahoma Homeschooling It’s not just for Okie’s anymore! Check out also: How Do I Teach? By Cindy. This is where Cindy passes along her Big Ideas! : )


How to Pray for Your Husband: A daily prayer guide with scriptures. Available at Park Day Table.


Sue Patrick’s Workbox System. An attractive and fun way to organize your school day using boxes, labels, numbered task cards & learning centers. Here’s a link that shows how the system works:


31 Days of Prayer Note Card for praying for your child each day of the month. See Janice on ordering instructions.

Well-Planned Day Homeschool Planner: Available for early/middle grades. Highschool version available also. Almost everything in your day can be organized in this planner. Per Janice, the only thing it won’t do is the actual cooking and cleaning FOR you. Aw Shucks! Follow this link for ordering: Sample pages are available. Janice LOVES this, and I like the looks of it myself!


Debra highly recommend the Planet CD Rom Freeware. Almost all of their products on a myriad of topics are totally free! This looks like a great find. Here’s the link:

Debra also has a list of favorite homeschool websites that she will be sending by email to the group. Thank you for these ideas, Debra!


Homeschooling at the Speed of Life, by Marilyn Rockett. A great book on tacking homeschooling and life in general by Marilyn. A great recommendation! Here’s the link:

Downy Wrinkle Release: A spray-on de-wrinkler for your clothes. Very handy and convenient. (Kathy Wright is waiting for the face version to come out!)

Thankful Game: Part of the Earl's bedtime routine is each child gives thanks for 3 things each night before bed. Yay for gratitude! That will go along way in our lives.

“Yes Ma’am, I’d be Happy to” Jar – a nickel awarded in the Jar for that child when their FIRST RESPONSE to a request is, “Yes Ma’am, I’d be happy to!” I liked that so much that we started it on the way HOME from park today. Bethany is happy to report 15 cents in total earnings in the last 3 hours! (Liz forgot to share this publically, but this is it as I understand it.) What a great idea, Liz!


This list-making, homeschooling Mom loves her 3-part note pad. It’s very colorful and has 3 spiral bound note pads on heavy cardstock which says, “Shop”, “Call”, “Do”. Kendra purchased this at The Container Store.

Recipe Binder: Kendra’s very organized binder keeps all of her recipes in one place. I love Kendra’s organizational ideas!

So, What's your Big Idea?

Pots and Pans Education



There are plenty of reasons to explore homeschooling websites, and I believe this is definitely one of them: FOOD!

If you're looking for a more tasteful way to enjoy learning then check out this link: Recipes for Learning at Cindy Downes's Oklahoma Homeschooling. While I don't recommend eating the paper mache globe, the edible map sounds downright tasty! She also has kitchen ideas for learning in the area of Oceans, Insects, Birds, etc. Wierd, Unsocialized Homeschoolers also has a map you can try. So, go have fun in the kitchen, and if you don't do anything else today, have fun learning!

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