Today's Prayer


"Lord, help me to focus on what you've called me to do as a homeschooling mother: homeschool!"

It's been interesting for me to observe today how easily distracted I am. If I were making a trip to San Diego from Phoenix and stopped at every rest stop, ate at several restaurants, went on shopping excursions here and there, stopped and took a nap, read a book, etc., the journey would take many times longer than necessary. Simply put, if I traveled like I sometimes teach, I wouldn't see much at all. I certainly wouldn't get very far.

How many times do you stop when you could easily press on, and probably do a better job while you're at it? In homeschooling we can be our own worst enemy when we give place to the many distractions that may arise any given day: the computer for one. My disclaimer today: I am done teaching Bethany and part-way done with Daniel. He is doing his Calculadder, so I guess you could say I am taking a break. I am rewarding myself with a little bit of computer time, and honestly, I am enjoying it because I know it was earned.

The joy that comes when we're doing what we know we're supposed to be doing is so much better than taking bites of the dessert before we've even had the main course. It's not that finishing is the only thing that matters. We all know an occasional side trip can do wonders for our day, but finishing counts for a great deal. Don't let the enemy have your day. Your hours belong to the Lord, and I encourage you along with myself to give God your very best. Go for it. It's doable. There's a sense of accomplishment and Godly joy that awaits!

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What a great reminder! Thank you!!!

Liz, you know me as well as anyone in homeschooling world, so you know how much this applies to me. Thanks for always encouraging me and spurring me on. I find you so motivating, and of course, you're a blessing, plain and simple! : )

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