The project for the day: Self-Government. Beautiful Feet History does a wonderful job of introducing the concept of Self-Government. Self-Government is, in a word, the same as self- discipline or self-directed.

I have a load of errands that must be run today, Danny is home with the children for the day, so I made a list on the school board of about 7 areas they can do work in using self-government. When they're done, their time is free! On the list is:

Science Reader
History Reader
Quickie Math
Read Aloud: They each read aloud to each other for 10 minutes, a story the "read-ee" chooses.
Also-afternoon chores and lunch are on the list.

I made the list in the middle of the board, and they will check off their side of each subject (I have two, so that worked!)

They enjoy these times of independence, and I am amazed at how much they can do on their own. At the time of this posting, all is quiet in the school room as the children are excercising self-government.

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