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Almanzo Wilder's boyhood home

This week:
Today we are beginning our study of Farmer Boy, using a study guide by Progeny Press. Today's activities include: Map work, Art work-Cover page for our Notebook, and reading aloud the 1st four Chapters. Progeny Press recommends reading the novel in it's entirety, which Bethany has already done,then going back and re-reading, doing about 1 page per day in the Study Guide. This could take about 10 weeks if we choose to extend it that long.

Progeny Press also has some pre-reading activities that we are doing along with the book rather than prior to reading. One of the things that will be fun is to keep a running list of Almanzo's chores! I wonder how it fares against the list Bethany has? I'd say her working conditions are much more favorable.

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This looks neat, Kathy! I love the Little House books and look forward to using them when we get to the Pioneer Days. Looking forward to your updates! (Also curious as to how a boy would like this).

Michelle, we topped off our day by making fresh apple turnovers "just like Mrs. Wilder!" They're delicious. Unfortunately, they're fried! : )

Because we're studying Farmer Boy I think a boy would be interested. So far, the focus is on Almanzo. We've already been able to really look at his character, how he honored his father and mother when they were not necessarily there to see. It's great so far!

Sounds like fun! You are such a great teacher:)

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