Week in Review


Accomplished the most important subject of the day first: Bible. We're currently going through a Character Study that uses the Miller Family series published by Rod and Staff, Monday's Character quality was Confident.

As we were working through the page for the day I felt the Holy Spirit tug on me again to daily have my son read through the names of the books of the Bible so that he can know what books are in the Old Testament and what books are in the New Testament. So, that's what we did. I love how the Holy Spirit is not just their teacher but mine too.

With Monday being Bethany's Literature and History Co-Op Day, her academics take priority in the morning, and then I plan to focus on my son in the early afternoon. That will work well when: I'm not fixing a meal for someone coming in the afternoon to pick it up, and when our realtor friend isn't here for two hours rather than the 30 minutes I planned for mentally. In summary, things didn't go as I thought they would. Anyone surprised?

While we did complete most of our subjects each child had one that was a bit overlooked. Overall, my goal is to get through the basics by noon. We're also attempting to begin by 8 rather than 9 or 9:30. Then in January, I'll add our World Culture Studies in. But, stay tuned: things could change!


This is our first day of beginning by 8. We officially began at 8:15, again, with Bible. Our character quality for today was "Content."

By 11 we were able to take a quick break for soccer in the back yard. It is now 1 O'clock and my daughter only has writing and spelling left, plus her remaining math work. She's pretty frustrated that her work is taking longer. Her work is more intense, and today I had to re-teach a couple of concepts in Math. Hopefully that will pass.

I am thrilled that we will be done at a decent hour. I know all days can't be free of distraction and filled with motivation like this one, but I am hoping to see this pattern mostly continue. May I as teacher do all I can to help the process. I think in the end we'll all have a greater sense of accomplishment.

Another great day in school. Soccer happened. : )

We got together with another family for Chemistry Co-Op. It was a lot of fun. Today we studied molecules, and then made our own: Big and little marshmallows & Toothpicks.

Tomorrow is Park Day and Homeschool P.E.

In Summary: Starting at 8 a.m., or as soon after, seems to be the ticket to a successful week. We were desperate for some structure after a few weeks off for our move.

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