Back to School Again!


School begins tomorrow. Four weeks of moving out and moving in draw to a close. I have to say I can't wait!

I was able to do a little bit of planning tonight. Since Bethany has KEYS Co-op tomorrow afternoon from 12-3, I will teach her in the morning primarily, and then Daniel and I will have lots of one-on-one tomorrow afternoon.

Here's what's been happening in school since I last opened my planbook:

Reading: If they weren't playing they were reading. Good stuff: Chronicles of Narnia & beyond good stuff.

KEYS Co-Op: a Phoenix-based homeschool co-op of a multitude of families. Bethany is taking Chronicles of Narnia:Intro to Lit., and History of Arizona. Loving it. All kinds of skills are being learned!

Science Co-op: We began a Chemistry based co-op with another family.

Soccer: Soccer league began last week: the children are loving it.

Bits and pieces: Coloring, Calculadder, penmanship, spelling, cleaning, learning chore habits all over again.

School never really stops, does it.

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