Where It All Began


Our homeschooling journey began when our oldest was about three. My husband Danny was meeting with some men for prayer on a weekly basis. This was a group of men who cared greatly for their family and recognized their opportunity to send sharpened arrows out into the world they were born into. Enter: homeschooling. Most of these men were homeschooling Dad's, they shared Danny's concerns about the future, and encouraged Danny and I to attend our first homeschooling convention. We did. The point of no return. Heavy influencer: keynote speaker that year, RC Sproul, Jr.

Because Danny travels for a living I was not anxious to take on this endeavor, but each year the glue sticks better and better. I'm stuck on homeschooling!

We began by printing out number tracing pictures off of the internet, buying a book or two at Sams and just finding bits of time to have fun with Bethany. There was always lots of music to dance and sing to. She was always a natural and eager learner. We read to her from week 1 being home from the hospital, and it didn't take her long to develop her own love of learning. Someday I will post a funny video of us teaching Bethany the hard-g sound. Daniel also makes a cameo appearance.

Well, other than what was already in God's heart for our family, that's our homeschool beginnings as I see it.

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This is the greatest template I've seen for home schooling and the title is just perfect!

Thank you Nancy. I think I'm done searching for this stuff now. I told my daughter in the Fall that I would help her start a blog, and so now my son knows when he is in
3rd grade, or learns to type, perhaps he can blog also. I think it's a wonderful way for them to enjoy documenting their travels.

Cool. I am looking forward to reading Bethany's blog!

Bethany and I just read your comment Mary Lee. We're both excited! One of the things we talked about was doing book reviews of the books she's reading currently, such as...The Magicians Nephew. She thinks she read it through about 1 time already, so I bet she has something to say about it. : )

I really love it! I have been thinking about doing this myself...We can't wait to read Bethany's blog either:)

Liz, go for it. I think you should definitely create a homeschool blog. They have some of the cutest ones. Another one we liked was called "Birds on a wire" which was tempting since Danny is a pilot. We would have called it, "Ground School".

Here's where I found the templates. On this site they have about 120 templates to choose from, and it's very easy to upload. http://btemplates.com/2008/11/11/snail/

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