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An Ongoing Post:

I may eventually organize these sites topically and put them as a link on a sidebar, but I think I would eventually run out of room. We'll see. I am on a serious learning curve for links, so just copy and paste to go to the site for now.
This site looked good. I love freebie teaching helps and this site has them. I will be using the student self-evaluation form, which I think helps put the ball in their court on learning.
This website has timed games played online for geography and other subjects. Because we are doing Geography this next year I am especially excited about another tool to reinforce the learning.
This site has many kinds of click-on type globes to help reinforce geography, understand people groups, etc.
This site enables you to listen to music samples from continents, it also organizes it by time periods. It color codes it by time period. You can click on the composer and learn about them. It also has a timeline of world events overlaid on the top bar so you can see what was happening in the world when a particular composer was living. A great auditory learning tool, good for history and music.

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