Writing a Book: What a Novel Idea!


If there's an 8th grader or above in your home just dying to write a book, then here's the opportunity and the writing curriculum to go along with it! It's called the One Year Adventure Novel.

Here is their description:

The One Year Adventure Novel curriculum
... guides students (grades 8-12) through the process of writing a structured, compelling adventure novel over the course of one school year. The program's unique approach to writing begins where many writing course don't go at all, with an exploration of Story.
Here are a few of the lesson topics:

The Heroic Quest
Point of View
Context and Synopsis
The Five Elements of Story
The Supporting Cast
The Villain
The Synopsis, part 2
Acts and Scenes
The Four Defining Chapters
The Novel Outline: Formulas,
--Plots and Subplots
How to Write a Chapter
Creating Emotion
The Illusion of Reality
Narrative Order
Character Masks
The Character Interview
Unexpected Humor
Unexpected Tragedy
Unexpected Grace
Writing the Climax
Revision and Rewriting
Formatting Your Manuscript
Sharing & Publishing

By clicking here you can obtain sample pages. The lessons are taught on DVD by writer Daniel Schwabauer. (Personally I think it's cool that a writer's last name would have the word Schwa in it!)

By clicking here you can see all you'll get when you make your purchase. A bit pricey? Well, 78 Video Lessons on 7 DVDs, Textbook, Workbook, Teacher's Guide, Prisoner of Zenda novel, & a Resource Disk. All this for $199. Personally. I think it's fine. Pricey, but fine. The teaching looks excellent, it's self guided, extra student workbooks are available, and if I were a homeschooled 8th grader or above, I'd jump on it. There's also a special pricing if you want to set it up for co-op use.

I've posted additional information from the Publishers about the One Year Novel Adventure, including webinar info. and scholarship opportunities. Please see the comment section for their remarks. Thanks.

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Sounds like a great idea!

Hi Kathy.
Thanks very much for the kind mention of the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum on your blog!
We appreciate it.

BTW: I will mention that our program comes with other "enhancements"
that you may (or may not) want to mention on your blog.

Parents and students get more for their money than may first meet the eye. ;)
Such as:

In addition to all of the materials - which includes all the classes
taught for you on DVD - we provide:

• Webinars that feature Mr. S. teaching on a particular aspect of
writing. Viewers can see a small video of him speaking next to a
slideshow presentation of helpful notes. Around 15 minutes are
allotted at the end for Q&A interaction with the students. These times
are both informative and fun. Lots of fun. :)
These usually occur twice a month and last for an hour each. Students
may log in to view all or part of any live webinar.

• An online student Forum where kids can discuss their novel ideas and
get feedback on portions of their writing.
(The forum is only open to students of O.Y.A.N. and is moderated by me.)
This Forum also includes an "Ask the Teacher" Board where they may
post questions for Mr. Schwabauer as well as glean from previously
answered questions.

• An annual Student Writers' contest (An added bonus this year is a
$16,000. scholarship to a Christian university here in Olathe that
will be offered to the winner. Optional, of course.)

In all these things we continue to be available for students during
their journey through the OYAN curriculum and writing their novel.

Wow. I certainly didn't mean to sound like a commercial. I really just
wanted to send a quick email to say Thank you and then it occurred to
me that you might be interested in the "extras" as well.

Oh, and, you'll have an eighth grader before you know it! :)
Thanks again!

Warm regards,
~ Carrol Schwabauer

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