My Favorite Mammal


"Mom, can you guess what my favorite mammal is?" "I know what my favorite mammal is," says Daniel. As I am busy perusing a website featuring a book on mammals my son has this conversation with his sister and I. It was a thinking outloud kind of a conversation. Then the announcement: "You're my favorite mammal", he says to me with his sweet and irresistable grin. Wow. My son's favorite mammal! And why not!

Once again, the beauty of homeschooling, as they say. I have just been crowned from my head down to my heart as my son's favorite mammal. I think I'll congratulate myself! So, here's to science, and to my son's understanding of the value of God-breathed human life, and not just any life, but of his favorite mammal, his mother.

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Now that is so endearing! I wouldn't give up my moments with my boys at home either. They've said so many wonderful things over the years. Your little story here brought back so many of my best memories. My heart is smiling!

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